Carlingford West O.O.S.H

Carlingford West O.O.S.H Centre is dedicated in providing high quality before and after school care & vacation care to children and their families. Our flexible program will respond to the abilities, needs and interests of the children individually, and in group settings. Each child and family is accepted and valued, regardless of cultural background, gender, religion or ability. Multicultural awareness and respect are incorporated in our program. In our centre, the children have an opportunity to participate in many planned and spontaneous experiences in our indoor and outdoor environment. Our staff use positive techniques of guidance to encourage children to develop independence, high self-esteem, and demonstrate appropriate behaviours as well as respect for themselves and others. Our Goals:

  • To provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where children can enjoy their free time.
  • To provide a home-like setting where children can play and work.
  • To use a child-centred approach with planned and spontaneous experiences, in which staff can support and encourage creativity amongst children.
  • To provide interactions and experiences that will foster aspects of a child’s development.
  • To be supportive to our families and strive for open communication and good relations between parents, staff, children, management and the community