Centre Information

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Friday:
  • Before School Session: 7am. to 9.30am
  • After School Session: 3.25pm to 6pm. (3pm to 6pm. for Kindys in 1st term only)
  • Vacation Care: 7am. to 6.00 p.m.

Staff are available from 7am – 10am or 2.30pm – 6p.m. week days for any enquiries or bookings.

Children should not be left in the school grounds before the Centre opens at 7am. There is no access to the building before 7am.  Only staff are allowed to access the building outside opening hours, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Co-Ordinator.


We have a parent involvement policy which encourages families to become involved in the centre by

  • Donating goods such as craft supplies, dress up clothes, games etc.
  • Making suggestions for activities
  • Advising about events that are culturally significant to your family.
  • Completing feedback sheets/surveys to let us know what you think about the service.
  • Discussing with children an interest or skill
  • Contributing to the review of our policies.

Fee Schedule

Before and After School - Effective: 23rd July 2019

Morning Sessions:

  • First Child in care – $15.00 / day
  • Second Child in care – $14.00 / day
  • Third Child in care – $12.00 / day
  • Casual Bookings in the mornings will incur an additional $8.00 per child, per morning surcharge.


Afternoon Sessions:
Kindy children in term 1 each year will pay an additional $5.00 per afternoon / per kindy child, if the school decides to finish school at 3pm)

  • First Child in care – $22.00 / day
  • Second Child in care – $20.00 / day
  • Third Child in care – $18.00 / day
  • Casual Bookings in the afternoons will incur an additional $8.00 per child, per afternoon surcharge.


Fee Information

A once only non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 per family must be paid on enrollment. This registration fee is to be paid by every family (permanent’s & casuals) regardless of the number of days in attendance.

Fees are payable via DIRECT DEBIT ONLY. Any over payment will be credited against your next week’s account.

No payment is required for public holidays or over the closure at Christmas, or during school holidays if your child is NOT booked in to the Vacation Care Program.

Fees for School Development Days (Pupil Free Days) will be the same as the Vacation Care Fee.

For the fee structure, please refer to the current FEE SCHEDULE.

Late Fees

Children collected after 6.00 p.m. will be subject to a late fee of $2.00 for every minute / child, payable within 5 days of fee incurred.
Parents who are detained should phone the Centre to make alternative arrangements.
If no phone call has been made to the Centre regarding the parent’s lateness by 6:30 p.m., then the child will be taken to Ermington Police Station and a note will be left on the O.O.S.H. gate and an additional $100.00 penalty will be charged.
Regardless of the parents phoning the Centre to advise that they will be late, they will still be charged the late fee and any other costs incurred.

For the fee structure, please refer to the current FEE SCHEDULE.

Overdue Fees

If a payment has not been received within one week after the term invoice has been emailed, a reminder letter will be issued. If payment is not received within the following week, a 20% late penalty will be charged per week on outstanding amount with a minimum of $5.00 being charged. If fees are three weeks overdue, the centre will not hold your child’s booking unless due cause can be shown to the centre as to why fees remain in arrears. Your child’s place at the centre could be terminated unless you have made arrangements with the Director.

Attendance - Non-custodial parent

If a child is subject to an access order or agreement, the service must have a copy on record plus any subsequent alteration registered by the court. Unless your court order is on file with us, we must provide equal rights to both parents.

Evidence of court orders or agreements will be considered part of the enrolment in order to minimise the likelihood of distressing situations occurring in the future.